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Location & Map
The temple of 'Thiruvanikavu Bhagavathi'  is situated at Mullurkara near Trichur (Kerala, India), approximately 0.25 km away from the Mullurkara bus stop. It is also adjacent to the famous 'Irinjalankode' temple.

Just in front of the Thiruvanikavu temple there is a temple of Lord 'Mahaganapathi', who assists us in our nisuses paving the path towards success. The main Vazhipadu here is offering cocunut and Ottayappam.

After entering the 'Gopuram' of the 'Thiruvanikavu' temple, in the north eastern part, there is a place for the worship of 'Sarppas'. To the north of the main 'Sreekovil' of the goddess there is another 'Sreekovil', the one of 'Vazhali Bhagavathi', the elder sister of 'Thiruvani kavilamma'. A small 'Sreekovil' of Lord 'Ayyappa' is set to the south of main 'Sreekovil'. The residenceof the goddess of kindness, the mother of all is in between the the 'Sreekovils' of Lord 'Ayyappa' and 'Vazhali Kavilamma'.

The main'Vazhipadu' of Bhagavati are
Bhagavathi Seva
Nithya Pooja
Udayasthamana Pooja

Udayasthamana Pooja is the most important pooja of the Bhagavathi and is performed for the welfare of the whole family. Advance booking is to be done atleast 15 days before the stipulated date, for this pooja. Moreover people perform 'Chuttuvilaku'  and 'Niramala' too, thus expressing their utmost gratitude and thankfulness to the goddess.

'Pooram', 'Navarathri', 'Laksharchana' and 'Prathishtta dinam' constitutes the main festivals of the temple. Furthermore after the 'Punaprathishtta' of the temple in Feb-March 2000, it is believed that  the power of the goddess has increased.

Future Plans
As regards the future plans for the temple, the Kshetra Kshema Samithi hopes to build a new counter for 'Vazhipadu' and is in search for sponsors for these works. Interested persons may contact the 'Kshetra Kshema Samiti' office for more details.

Kshetra Kshema Samiti
Thiruvani Kavu temple